North Korea is building new ballistic missiles: reports

North Korea appears to have begun construction of one or two intercontinental ballistic missiles in a factory that has assembled the first missiles capable of reaching US territory, reports the Washington Post.... Read more »

At least 10 dead in an earthquake in Indonesia

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck Lombok Island in southeastern Indonesia Sunday, killing at least 10 people, according to local authorities. “The earthquake killed at least 10 people, injured 40 people and damaged dozens... Read more »

Two tons of cocaine seized by English police

Two Dutch nationals were charged by the British courts on Saturday for importing drugs, after an exceptional seizure of 2 tons of cocaine in a boat sailing in the English Channel. “This... Read more »

Hundreds missing after Laos dam collapse

Hundreds of people were missing in Laos on Tuesday following the collapse of a hydroelectric dam under construction in this small country in Southeast Asia, the official Laotian news agency reported. The... Read more »

Ceasefire globally respected after Israeli bombing

A ceasefire with Israel is widely respected on Saturday in the Gaza Strip, following an escalation of violence that claimed the lives of four Palestinians and one Israeli soldier. Israel has not... Read more »