Latest News : Birds Are Vanishing From North America

The number of birds in the United States and Canada has declined by 3 billion, or 29 percent, over the past half-century, scientists find. The number of birds in the United States... Read more »

Latest News : The 12 Strangest Objects in the Universe

Weirdo universe There’s no questioning the fact that the universe is weird. Just look outside and you’ll see all manner of strange, self-reproducing flora and fauna, crawling upon a blue ball of... Read more »

Latest News : The first picture of a black hole opens a new era of astrophysics

This is what a black hole looks like. A world-spanning network of telescopes called the Event Horizon Telescope zoomed in on the supermassive monster in the galaxy M87 to create this first-ever... Read more »

Tourists injured in train crash near Machu Picchu

Two foreign tourist trains collided on Tuesday near the famed Inca fortress Machu Picchu in southern Peru, injuring 35 people, including Americans, South Koreans, a Chilean and a French, the government said.... Read more »

Editorial: A small community in Michigan crusade against the giant Nestle

Residents of a small community in Michigan want to prevent the Swiss giant Nestle from extracting more water from its rivers, which they say are greatly affected. The company, which began marketing... Read more »