Latest News : Sealed Cache of Moon Rocks to Be Opened by NASA

A half-century ago, three containers of lunar samples were set aside, to await study by more advanced technology. Their time has come. Later this year, NASA will reveal never-before-seen morsels of the... Read more »

Latest News : Mark Zuckerberg lays out his vision for a new Facebook

In a Facebook (FB) post on Wednesday, the CEO and founder detailed his overarching vision for how to make the service more secure, including encrypting messages. He also teased plans to integrate... Read more »

Latest News : Airbus, OneWeb aim to kick off new satellite era with first launch

SEATTLE/PARIS (Reuters) – A rocket carrying six satellites built by Airbus SE and partner OneWeb was due to blast off from French Guiana on Wednesday, the first step in a plan to... Read more »

Activist Warns of 5G Dangers to Humans, Environment

An activist has posted a petition seeking to stop the development and rollout of 5G technology over fears it is “an experiment on humanity and the environment.” Arthur Firstenberg’s petition to world... Read more »

Latest News: A new 3-D printing technique creates solid objects using rays of light

On the Starship Enterprise, replicators were devices that were used “to dematerialize matter and then reconstitute it in another form,” according to For Captain Picard’s hungry crew, in particular, that usually... Read more »