Editorial: A small community in Michigan crusade against the giant Nestle

Residents of a small community in Michigan want to prevent the Swiss giant Nestle from extracting more water from its rivers, which they say are greatly affected. The company, which began marketing... Read more »

Fire in California leaves two firefighters dead

Two firefighters died fighting a fire near the town of Redding in northern California. The Carr fire destroyed several buildings and threatened many homes. Thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate.... Read more »

4-year-old boy dies, 2-year-old brother hospitalized after being pulled from hot car in Connecticut

A 4-year-old from Connecticut died in a car in the heat Thursday, and local authorities are trying to find answers to their questions by analyzing images from a surveillance camera. “It’s a... Read more »

Amazon, GM and Alcoa lobbying for Trump’s protectionism

Large companies such as Amazon, General Motors, Toyota and Alcoa are considering ways to avoid the consequences of Donald Trump’s trade policy, and even to influence his administration’s decisions in this area.... Read more »

A suspect arrested after the murder of Olympic medalist Denis Ten

The Kazakh prosecutor’s office on Friday announced the arrest of a suspect after the murder of young Kazakh figure skater Denis Ten, a bronze medalist at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, who was... Read more »