Mexico Upcoming Half of Teenage Population can Suffer from Diabetes

One in every two born after 2010 will develop diabetes throughout his life in Mexico and the trend is the same in Latin American countries, said a representative of the Pan American... Read more »

Forehead Wrinkles Before the Age can be sign of Fatal Heart Disease

Wrinkles on the forehead are due to age & Secondly if there are any skin related problems then wrinkles appear on your forehead. But if there are no two issues with you... Read more »

Research Found that Less Sleep in Men Increases the Risk of Heart Attack

If you take less sleep at night then it can be dangerous for you, Men who take less then five hours sleep have increased the risk of heart attack or trauma doubling... Read more »

Research show People with Weak Muscles Usually do not Live Longer

New York:¬†Recent studies show that People with weak muscles usually do not live much longer than their strong counterparts, and 50 percent of them are expected to die before. According to the... Read more »