Uber has no Plans to sell Self Driving Car Research Unit

Uber Technologies Inc. is on its way to bring IPOs next year. The company’s Chief Executive Officer Dara Khushrashahi said that there is no plan to sell the Self-Driving Car Research Unit.... Read more »

Japan to Test World’s First Space Elevator

Tokyo Japanese scientists are preparing to use elevator in space first experiment can be done in this month. It will not be sent to humans in space, but two satellites can be... Read more »

China has the World’s Largest Solar Power

China is making more solar energy than any other country in the world. According to an estimate, China is preparing 130 GW (13 billion KW) of solar power. Experts believe that the... Read more »

Mexico Upcoming Half of Teenage Population can Suffer from Diabetes

One in every two born after 2010 will develop diabetes throughout his life in Mexico and the trend is the same in Latin American countries, said a representative of the Pan American... Read more »

Forehead Wrinkles Before the Age can be sign of Fatal Heart Disease

Wrinkles on the forehead are due to age & Secondly if there are any skin related problems then wrinkles appear on your forehead. But if there are no two issues with you... Read more »